By this User Agreement (hereinafter - the "Agreement") Portal (Hereinafter the "Portal") defines the rules for the use of the Website by the Users http(s)://, and all kinds of registered sub-domains http(s):// (Hereinafter - the "Website").

1. General provisions

1.1. This Agreement is a contract-offer, namely specifically addressed to the person (User) by proposal which expresses the intention of the Portal to consider its conclusion of the agreement with the User.

1.2. The agreement is developed by the Portal and defines the terms of the Website use, as well as the rights and duties of its Users and the Portal. Agreement terms also apply to relations regarded to the rights and interests of third parties who are the Users of the Website (e.g. Partners) or are not the users, whose rights may be affected by the actions of the Website Users.

1.3. User is obliged to fully familiarize himself with the terms of this Agreement before registration on the Website. Registration of the User on the Website will be defined as a full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of this Agreement. In case of disagreement with any of the provisions of the Agreement the User has no right to use the services of the Portal.

1.4. The terms of this Agreement may be amended and / or supplemented by the Portal unilaterally without any prior notice. This Agreement shall be open and public document. The current version of the Agreement is available for review at: http(s):// The Portal recommends the users to check regularly the terms of this Agreement in case of any changes and / or additions. Further usage of the Website by the User after made changes / additions to the terms of this Agreement will constitute the acceptance of the User of such changes / additions and his agreement.

1.5. The portal offers the Users an access to all services and options of the Website including navigation, communication, search, placement and storage of information and materials (content) and so on. All currently existing services as well as their any development and / or addition of the new ones is the subject hereof.

2. Status of the Website

2.1. The Website is an online resource and represents a set of information and computer programs that are contained in the information system providing access to such information on the Internet at: http(s):// (and at the addresses of corresponding subdomains).

2.2. Website Portal is available to all interested parties in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and current legislation

3. Registration on the Website and the User status

3.1. To use some Portal services or some separate functions of services a User must complete the registration process in the result of which the User will have a unique account (hereinafter - "My account").

3.2. Site users are individuals who have reached 18 years of age, as well as legal entities who refer to the information materials and Portal services through its authorized representative.

3.3. Under registration on the Website the User is obliged to specify the necessary reliable and relevant information for creation of My account including unique for each user mobile phone number and email address for access to the site and the surname and first name (or company's name) - The registration data. Registration form of the Website may ask the user for additional information. The Portal has the right to set password requirements (length, allowed symbols etc.).

3.4. The user is responsible for accuracy, currency, completeness and compliance with the law of the given Registration data and the absence of any claims to it of third parties. If the user provides false Registration data or the Portal has reasons to believe that the User provides incomplete or inaccurate registration data, the Portal has the right to block the User's My account and decline of usage of its services (or their separate functions) in its sole discretion.

3.5. Under registration the User agrees with these terms and assumes the rights therein and responsibilities regarding the use and operation of the Website.

3.6. The Portal reserves the right to require from the User to confirm the Registration information at any time and the information specified by the User in ads and request the regarding required documents. Non-presentation of which can be considered by the Portal and in its sole discretion as a provision of false information and result in consequences stipulated by the p.3.4 of the Agreement.

3.7. By accepting the terms of this Agreement and by registering on the Website the User declares that he makes the reported personal data publicly available, and gives consent to the Portal to process his personal data provided under registration. Personal data processing of the User is carried out in accordance with the legislation.

The Portal processes User's personal data in order to fulfill the undertaken obligations under this Agreement. The Portal provides access to personal data of the User only to those employees, contractors and agents of the Portal who need this information for provision of the functioning of the Website and provision of services to the User. Site Administration may use the information provided by the User including personal data in order to ensure compliance with current legislation (including for the prevention and / or suppression of illegal and / or unlawful actions of the Users). Disclosure of the information provided by the User may be made only in accordance with the applicable law by a court request, law enforcement authorities as well as equally and in other cases foreseen by law.

3.8. Registration data indicated by the User and provided to the Portal or generated password are necessary and sufficient information for User's access to the Website. User has no right to convey his registration data to third parties and is fully responsible for its safety, he chooses a way how to store them. User may allow the storage of the password (the use of cookies) on the used by him hardware and software for the following automatic authorization on the Website.

3.9. If the User has not proven otherwise, any actions committed with the use of his registration data are considered performed by the User. In case of unauthorized access to the personal account of the User or distribution of User's Password, the User is obliged to notify immediately the Portal by a written request or by e-mail.

4. The rights and obligations of the User

4.1. While using the services of the Website the User must:

4.1.1. comply with the provisions of the current legislation this Agreement and other special documents of the Portal;

4.1.2. provide under registration the reliable, complete and current data, monitor their actualization;

4.1.3. inform the Portal of unauthorized access to personal account and / or unauthorized access and / or use to the User's password;

4.1.4. don’t provide other Users with the access to registration data, own personal page or individually contained in it information if it can lead to a violation of law and / or this Agreement and other documents posted on the Website of the Portal;

4.1.5. keep confidential and don't provide other Users and third parties, known to him in the result of Website usage, any registration data (including, but not limited to personal data, passport data, bank information) of the other Users, Partners and any third parties without obtaining the prior permission of the latter.

4.2. The user is prohibited the following while using the Website

4.2.1. to register as a User on behalf or instead of another person ("fake account");

4.2.2. to re-register in the system using additional data for creating of an account (to create "duplicate" accounts)

4.2.3. to mislead the Users concerning his identity using registration data of another registered User;

4.2.4. to distort information about himself, his age or relationship with the other persons or organizations;

4.2.5. to upload, save, publish, distribute and provide access or use otherwise illegally the intellectual property of the Users, Partners and other third parties;

4.2.6. to send messages without the consent of the Users of the Website and Portal;

4.2.7. to use the software and carry out actions aimed at disruption of the normal functioning of the Website and its services or personal pages of the Users and Partners;

4.2.8. to download, store, publish, distribute and provide access or use otherwise the viruses, Trojans and other malware;

4.2.9. to use Portal automated scripts (programs) without special permission in order to collect information on the Website and / or interaction with the Website and its services;

4.2.10. by any means (including, but not limited by deception, abuse of trust, hacking) to attempt gaining access to registration data of the other Users;

4.2.11. to carry out illegal collection and processing of personal data of the other persons;

4.2.12. to carry out (try to get) an access to any services by any means other than through the interface provided by the Portal, except when such actions are permitted in accordance with the Agreement with the Portal;

4.2.13. to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, trade or resell the Services for any purposes except in cases when such actions are permitted under the terms of a separate agreement with the Portal; place commercial and political information out of the specific sections of the Website established by the Portal. User's acquisition of paid services on the Website is carried out in the manner stipulated by this Agreement.

4.3. The User is personally responsible for any information placed on the Website, informs to the other Users as well as any interaction with the other Users and Partners which is carried out at his sole risk.

4.4. In case of disagreement of the User by this Agreement or its updates the User is obliged to stop using it by written consent to the technical support of the Website which will be followed by blocking of the account on the Website.

5. Terms of cooperation. The rights and obligations of the Portal

5.1. Portal is not responsible for any delays caused due to a temporary or partial breakdown, repair, upgrading or maintenance of the Website, inaccurate, misleading or false information.

5.2. This Agreement may be terminated due to the Portal initiative in case of User's violation of the terms of Website usage according to this agreement. From the date of termination of this Agreement by the Portal the access of User's account will be blocked for the User. Unspent funds in User's account will be reimbursed after written request (in the established manner) of the User to the Portal, by the method selected by the Portal excluding expenses incurred, and third party services tax fees.

5.3. The Portal has the right to send information to the User about the development of the Website and its services and to inform about its own activities and services.

The user gives consent for receiving SMS and mail - messages on the phone (s) number (s) and email address (es) mentioned under registration.

5.4. The User uses the services of the Portal at his sole risk. The Portal does not bear any liability including for appropriateness of the services to the User's purposes.

5.5. The Portal does not guarantee that services meet / will meet the User's requirements; services will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free; the quality of any product, service, information, etc., obtained while using the services will meet User's expectations.

5.6. The Portal reserves the right to change the terms of the services. By continuing to use the services of the Website the User agrees with the changes made.

6. Protection of intellectual property rights

6.1. All items displayed on the Website including design elements, text, graphics, images, videos, scripts, programs, music, sounds and other objects and their selections (hereinafter - the Content) are subject to the exclusive rights of the Portal, Partners, Users of the Website and other right holders. All rights on these objects are protected.

6.2. Except cases stipulated by this Agreement and applicable law no Content may be copied (reproduced), processed, distributed, displayed in a frame, published, downloaded, transferred, sold or otherwise used in whole or partly without prior permission, unless the rights holder explicitly expressed his consent for free usage of the Content by any person.

7. Final provisions

7.1. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable according to applicable law all other conditions remain valid and the invalid or unenforceable provision will be considered as replaced by an appropriate, valid, relevant term according to the current legislation which matches the intent of the original term of the closest.

7.2. Nothing in the Agreement shall be understood as the establishment between the User and the Portal of the agency relationship, partnership relations, relations on joint activities, relationships, personal recruiting or some other relationship not expressly provided for by the Agreement.

7.3. If for one reason or another, one or more provisions of this Agreement shall be acknowledged as invalid or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity or enforceability of the rest of provisions of the Agreement.

7.4. Inaction on the part of the Portal in case of violation of the Agreement by the User or other users does not preclude the Portal right to take appropriate actions to protect its rights later and does not constitute a waiver of the Portal from their rights in case of subsequent similar violations.

7.5. This Agreement is made in Russian and in some cases can be presented to the User for review in another language. In case of divergence of the Russian version of the Agreement and the version of the Agreement in any other language the provisions of the Russian-language version of this Agreement shall apply.

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