Privacy policy

1. This Privacy Policy is applied to the Internet-resource at the following address: (hereinafter - the Website), and regulates the relations between the Site Administration and the parties registered on the Website in relation to provision, storage, use and other processing of personal data of users by the Site Administration.

2. Registration on the Website implies user's consent to the terms of this Policy, full acceptance of its terms and consent to transfer of their personal data. If you disagree with any part or the whole Policy you must stop using the Website.

3. Site Administration processes the following personal data of users:
  1. data reported directly by users when they register on the Website and when use it (e-mail, e-purse number, phone number, bank details, information about education, date of graduation, information from user's profile in social networks that are integrated for registration and / or authorization on the Website etc.).
  2. data that is automatically transferred in the process of their use with the help of the software installed on the user's device: IP-address, information about user's operating browser, screen resolution on user's monitor, operating system on the computer or other user's hardware that provides access to the Website, access time, address of the requested page, information from cookies.
4. This Privacy Policy does not apply to Internet resources which links are available on the Website and users can use it. These resources may process personal data of users in accordance with their current documents. Site Administration is not responsible for damage to users and / or third parties due to the transition to such Internet - resources.

5. Site Administration processes the personal data of users on the basis of users' consent to processing of their personal data, as well as due to the concluded with the users agreement of paid services which terms are defined and available to users in the User Agreement, posted at: https : //

6. Site Administration processes the personal data of users for the following purposes:
  1. for the proper performance of its obligations in accordance with the above mentioned User Agreement;
  2. to inform users about the activity of the Website;
  3. to identify users when they visit the Website;
  4. to provide users with personalized services and offers;
  5. to provide communication with the users;
  6. to improve the quality, ease of use of services offered by the Site Administration;
  7. to provide users with technical support;
  8. to perform statistical and other studies.

7. While processing of users' personal data we provided personal data accuracy, its sufficiency, and where necessary, relevancy in relation to purposes of personal data processing. Site Administration takes all necessary steps to remove or clarify the incomplete or inaccurate data.

8. Site Administration provides storage of users' personal data in a form that defines personal data subject but for no longer than it is required by the purposes of personal data processing. Processed personal data of the users are to be eliminated or depersonalized under achieving of processing purposes or in case of no further need of achieving these goals.

9. Data users decide whether to provide their personal data or not and give consent to their processing freely, voluntarily and in their own interest. Consent to personal data processing must be specific, informed and conscious. User's consent to personal data processing is carried out by putting a mark in a special gap of the registration form on the site, followed by the correct enter of a unique combination of a login and password which serves as a digital signature of the user.

10. Site Administration does not perform the processing of special categories of personal data relating to racial or ethnic origin, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, health condition, sexual life of the users. Under the users' voluntary placement of this information for free access on the Website they bear full responsibility for possible consequences of this information spreading.

11. Site Administration undertakes to protect the confidentiality of any personal data conveyed by users, except in the case of disclosure of this information required by law.

12. Site Administration undertakes not to carry out a cross-border transfer of personal data to the territories of foreign countries which are not parties of the European Council Convention for the Protection of Individuals under Automatic Processing of Personal Data and to provide adequate protection of the rights of personal data subjects.

13. The user has the right to demand from the Site Administration clarifying of their personal data, their blocking or elimination in case personal data are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate or unlawfully obtained or are not necessary for the purposes of this Policy specified in para.6, as well as to take measures provided by law for protection of their rights. Site Administration is obliged to inform the user about the availability of personal data relating to the user, as well as to provide an opportunity to get acquainted with these personal data under user's request within thirty days from the date of receipt of a user request.

14. The user has the right to obtain information concerning the processing of his or her personal data including those containing: the confirmation of the personal data processing by the Site Administration; legal background and purpose of personal data processing; purposes and methods used by the Site Administration for personal data processing; name and location of the Site Administration, information about the persons (excluding the Site Administration employees) who have access to personal data or who may find out personal data on the basis of agreement with the Administration of the Site or on the basis of federal law; processed personal data related with the user, the source of its obtaining; deadlines for personal data processing including terms of their storage; information on fulfilled or supposed cross-border data transfer.

15. If the user believes that Site Administration carries out the processing of his personal data violating of the requirements of the legislation or otherwise violates his rights and freedoms he is entitled to appeal against the acts or failures to act of Site Administration in accordance with the legislation.

16. Site Administration takes measures that are necessary and sufficient for carrying out of their responsibilities regarding to personal data processing of the Users. Such measures include: appointment of a person responsible for personal data processing of the users; appliance of organizational and technical measures for ensuring the protection of users' personal data; internal control and audit compliance with the personal data processing of the users according to legislation requirements, this Policy and other documents; familiarization of employees of the Site Administration who are directly involved in the personal data processing of the users, with the provisions of the legislation on personal data, this policy and other documents.

17. In case achieving of the purpose of personal data processing Site Administration is obliged to stop the processing of users' personal data and eliminate personal data within thirty days from the date of achieving the purpose of personal data processing.

18. Site Administration has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy without a separate notice for each user. Site Administration shall publish the Policy in case of any changes within three calendar days from the moment of amendments for review of all users . The new edition of this Privacy Policy is applied to relations appeared after its publication.
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